Student Accounts


The Phantom Band Boosters maintain fundraising accounts for all active students in the PAHS band program.   This account can be used by students to offset costs for trips and other events that are offered as being a part of the band program.

What is it?

A Student Music Tuition Account is an account set up and maintained by the Band Boosters for an individual student. When the student earns funds by participating in 50/50 fundraisers, the money will be deposited in this account, and may be used for expenses incurred as a direct result of participating in the band program.

How Does It Work?

While funds earned are the property of the Phantom Band Boosters, they are available for use by the student while they are a member of the band program. A student can use their funds for program expenses such as uniform shirts, shoes, gloves and other attire required for the program. The funds can also be used for any associated activity fees, admissions, tickets, lodging, food, transportation or trip fees for the student only. The funds cannot be used for tickets, trip fees, etc. for family members. The student may not run a negative balance in their Student Credit account. If their Student Tuition account does not contain sufficient funds to cover the cost of a fee, the student must promptly pay the remaining balance.

In order to access the account,the Student Music Tuition Account agreement must be completed and returned.

Want to use the funds in your account to pay for something?  

Submit the Student Account Disbursement Form.

How Do I Know How Much Is In My Student’s Account?

Once you have completed the Student Music Tuition Account form, you will be assigned an account number. By the 5th of every month, the current account balances, identified by account number only, will be posted on the Phantom Band website.

Student Account Balances 1-1-17

What If My Student Leaves The Band Program? Any funds that remain in a student account after the student no longer participates in the Band will be rolled over to the PBB General Fund, or it may be held for a sibling that will be joining the band program.


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