PAHS Marching Band Registration


Image result for marching phantomsThe Phoenixville Marching Phantoms are now accepting registrations for the fall!

Being a part of a marching band in a high school is one of the BEST decisions you can make – but it’s also a big one, for both parents AND students!Image result for marching phantoms

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the marching band.   Everything below has been asked before, and we want these here for YOU: both students and parents.

Image result for CHECKMARK purpleAs a parent….what is my child going to get out of being in the marching band?

This news article was recently published….and is probably the best way to answer that for you.  Remember – your child is not alone!   Our program here at Phoenixville is modeled after many successful marching programs all across the country.

For new students entering the high school, joining the marching band is by far one of the EASIEST transition activities you can partake in.   Having a close set of friends & familiar faces is vital to being successful in the first few weeks of school.    Incoming freshmen to the high school that are in the marching band have a true “leg up” on their peers!

Image result for CHECKMARK purpleAs a student….what am I going to get out of being in the marching band?

Image result for marching phantomsFor new students to the high school….being in the marching band allows you to connect with a GREAT GROUP OF STUDENTS before the first day of high school.    Knowing 60 upperclassmen that are your second family that can assist you on the first day is an AMAZING FEELING!

For returning students….you have been a part of a growing tradition and commitment to excellence.  Remember that feeling right after championships this past fall?   Let’s keep building on THAT!

Image result for CHECKMARK purpleWhat exactly IS the time commitment?

  • During June & July, we have a couple of mini camps designed to get every student involved on the same page.  The attendance policy is simple: if you’re in town, you’re there.  If you’re on vacation, HAVE A BLAST!
  • Preseason camp starts August 7th and runs that week.   Everything from that date on is considered mandatory in order to be a part of the organization.
    • BUT WAIT: I have vacation scheduled already! Can I still be in the marching band?

      You can view the entire MB schedule here!

      • In most cases, yes.   Please talk to Mr. McAdams ASAP.   
  • The regular season starts the following week, with rehearsals on Tuesday & Thursday nights from 6pm-9pm.
  • Football games run on Friday nights starting August 25th.
  • Saturdays after Labor Day either contain a rehearsal or a rehearsal & competitive performance.
    • Homecoming Saturday is “off” entirely.

Image result for CHECKMARK purpleHow long does this run for?

  • The marching band season is finished the second week of November.   It’s only the first marking period of school!

Image result for CHECKMARK purpleHow often does the schedule change?Image result for marching phantoms

  • VERY LITTLE.   We try to plan everything out now so that you can add it to your family calendar.

Image result for CHECKMARK purpleI’m worried that my son/daughter will not be able to maintain grades during the marching band season.  HELP!

  • You’re not alone.   9 out of every 10 students in the marching band are involved in AP classes, other school activities, jobs, etc.    Most of the upperclassmen in the marching band are taking 3,4,5 or even SIX AP Classes!
  • Time management is a VITAL SKILL that we work with every single student in the band to develop.
  • Our experience has shown that grades for these students are actually BETTER during the marching band season because they have a finite amount of free time in order to do homework!

Image result for CHECKMARK purpleCan I play a fall sport and be in the marching band?

  • In most cases, yes.    We have a great relationship with athletics, and work to make sure this is possible for students who are interested.    The registration form at the end of this page will let us know what fall sport you are looking at, and then we can have that discussion.

Image result for CHECKMARK purpleDo I have to pay anything to be in the band?

  • There are some upfront costs for students: consumable aspects of the uniform (shoes, t-shirts, etc).   These are reusable year to year.
  • We also provide some bulk food options for students during camp and the season.

Image result for CHECKMARK purpleIf my child will be in 8th grade next year, can they participate?

  • Yes, but this is on a case by case basis.  Contact Mr. McAdams directly for more information.

Image result for CHECKMARK purpleWhat is the color guard? Are they a part of the marching band?

ABSOLUTELY!   We are always looking for students who have a dance or theatre background to join the color guard – the visual ensemble in the marching band!

For more information about the color guard, you can contact Ms. Schoepflin.

Image result for CHECKMARK purpleDoes my child really get physical education credit?

  • Yes.   One season of membership in the marching band is equal to 1/4th of the phys ed. requirement for graduation.

Image result for CHECKMARK purpleDoes my child really get academic credit for marchingImage result for academics and music band?

  • Yes.   One season of membership in the marching band allows students to earn 0.5 academic credits: the same as an every other day class that meets during the school day!

Image result for CHECKMARK purpleWhat if I still have more questions?  Who can I talk to?

  • I would be more than happy to connect you with a student/parent that is currently in the marching band program so they can talk about their own experiences.  Just let me know!

Image result for CHECKMARK purpleHow do I sign up?  

That’s easy. Just fill out this form – all there is!