PAHS Band Info for Upperclassmen


Parents & Students:

On Monday, Feb 6th, the elective scheduling window will open up for next year’s classes.   It goes without saying that I do hope that being in BAND will be a part of that process!
In order to help get everyone in to the correct sections (for band, chorus, and orchestra), we are going to ask all students to fill out our ENSEMBLE SCHEDULING FORM (link below).   This will assist us in helping to make everything fit in your schedule for next year.
To aid you in the process, I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions with scheduling.   The biggest thing you can do is to ASK me.  My job is to continue to help YOU grow the entire program!
HELP! I don’t know what section of band to sign up for!   
– When in doubt right, sign up the 05106A (1.0 credit).
What if I’m looking at doing band and chorus (or orchestra)?
– Sign up for the 05106D (0.5 credit) and a half credit option for the other ensemble.
What if I think I can only take 4 or 5 days of band next year?
– Sign up for the 05106A option if it does not bump you over the 8.0 credit max.
– We will use the ensemble scheduling form to help modify your schedule to mesh band and a science lab.
Should I take Beginning Music Theory / AP Music Theory?
– Sure!   AP Music Theory is for 11th and 12th graders, but the entry level class is for anyone.   If you are interested in taking the upper level class (and haven’t taken the entry class), talk to me directly as there is some summer work that you will have to complete.   It is not the same type of workload as you would find in other AP classes, as a lot it directly applies to your skills on an instrument and/or voice.
Why can’t I sign up for Marching Band, Vocal Ensemble, or Jazz Ensemble in Skyward right now?
– Since these classes could carry you over the 8.0 credit limit (they meet outside the school day), they are temporarily disabled.   Registration for those ensembles will take place later this spring.
Should I take Music Recording?
 – Yes!   You can check out all the fun toys & gadgets in the music lab!
I’m not sure if band will fit in my schedule at all next year.  HELP! What do I do?
– Talk to me!   We have made virtually EVERY scenario in scheduling work.   I’m 99.999999% sure that we can make yours work too.
I’m not sure if I want to continue playing in band next year.  HELP! What do I do?
The elective scheduling window is open from Feb 6 – Feb 21st.   Get your options in now so that there are no issues later on!  Finally, if you haven’t noticed…there’s a theme here. If you have ANY questions at all, please find me so that we can discuss.
Thanks for everyone’s hard work!  Parents – you’re really going to enjoy the February 15th concert!
-Mr. McAdams