Mattress Fundraiser – March 11


March 11th, 2017 – The Mattress Fundraiser RETURNS to Phoenixville!


Join us for our THIRD Annual Mattress Fundraiser on March 11th, 2017.

For every mattress that a student in the band sells, you will receive a portion of the profit deposited into your student account.

This can be used for…

  • Trip costs (our trip this spring and our big trip planned for NEXT year)
  • Uniform costs (indoor, marching band)

For every 15 mattresses we sell, your name is entered in a raffle for $50 cash!Image result for cool as the other side of the pillow

If you sell two mattresses…or three….receive a travel or standard size memory foam gel pillow!


What we need YOU to do:

Our goal is to sell 30 Mattresses!

Image result for MATTRESS CARTOON