New APP for the Band – Check it Out!


We are slowly rolling out a smartphone App / website for the band…..and we want you to check it out!

It’s a combination of everything we use to communicate: Remind, website, and the Google Calendar.

  • YES, you can communicate via chat/text here like we’ve done in the past.
  • YES, you can sync the calendar to your smartphone.
  • NO, you don’t need a smartphone (but it really helps since it’s designed as an app).

To get the full features of your teams App you need to download Team App onto your smartphone. Download Team App here . Its 100% FREE.

Launch Team App.


  1. Sign-up to Team App. You’ll be sent an email to confirm your registration.
  2. Log in. Then search for PAHS Bands and request access to group(s) that apply to you.


We will still be using the current methods of communication to finish out the school year.  But the marching band will be the first group to use this for the summer and fall.  Check it out, let me know what you think.