Vis Ensemble – Makeup


As we discussed on Saturday, here is the list of hair and make-up things you need this season. You can buddy up with someone to share some of these items if you’d like. 

Visual Ensemble members will need need these items by Saturday January 28. We will be practicing the hair and make-up that day at practice.   Some of this you probably already own!


  • Concealer and Foundation that match your skin tone
  • Blush – pale pink
  • Lip stick – light pink, like the covergirl color “Rose Quartz”
  • Eyeshadow: shades of gold and brown
  • Black Eyeliner (DO NOT share this!)
  • Black Mascara (DO NOT share this!)
  • Make-up wipes and a small handheld mirror


  • Numerous bobby pins and hair ties that match your hair color
  • Spray Gel – Garnier Fructis is great!!  If you have short hair: hair spray or something equivalent will work.
  • Brush and/or comb

If you have any questions – contact Ms. Schoepflin directly (or contact her through Remind)