Scrip Program


Do you shop?   OF COURSE YOU DO!

The Phantom Band Boosters have a great program that allows you to raise money for the bands at PAHS with minimal effort on your part – it’s called SCRIP.

Many popular NATIONAL and LOCAL retailers participate…

Home Depot | iTunes | Wawa  | Giant | Dick’s Sporting Goods | 

…and thousands more!

These cards can be purchased as actual cards or as online gift cards too!

How does it work?

Phantom Band families purchase gift cards at full face value from participating retailers.  The Band Boosters organization then gets a rebate on all the gift cards that are purchased. As part of the program, the Band boosters retain 25% of the total rebates for administrative fees.  This money is deposited in the Boosters General Fund.  Each family then gets to choose how to receive the remaining 75% of their rebate.  They can donate it to the Band Boosters (tax deductible), have their rebate proceeds deposited in their student’s Music Tuition Account, or they can choose to receive a check twice a year for the accumulated amounts of their rebate.  They can also choose any combination of the three!  This is a very easy way to build a balance in student accounts to use for band expenses, such as trips, uniforms, band camp meals, etc.

NOTE: The percentages above have been changed as of the June 2016 booster meeting!!

All participants will need to fill out a new form for the upcoming school year.

To sign up, follow these instructions:

  1. Fill out the Phantom Band Boosters Scrip Agreement and send it in with your student ASAP
  2. Go to the Scrip website at to create your account.
  3. Click on “Register” > “Join A Scrip Program”.
    1. Enter the enrollment code: L7L76F6628795. Then select “Register” and fill in the required fields.
  4. Once you have created your account and while you are still on the Scrip website, you will need to set up the Presto Pay Feature:
    1. Go to “Dashboard” > “Family Functions” > “Presto-Pay” and fill in the required fields.
    2. The Scrip program will verify your account information by depositing a small amount into the bank account you have designated as your Presto Pay account.
    3. Once it has been verified (within 2-3 business days), they will email you a 4 digit code.
  5. Email the 4 digit code to the Scrip coordinator:
  6. Once the coordinator receives your code, she will activate your account and you can start shopping!

Your options for purchase are:  physical cards, Scrip Now!, or reloadable cards

  • Orders for PHYSICAL gift cards will be placed once a month, and must be submitted by the 1st of every month.
    • The coordinator will submit the orders so that cards can be distributed by the next Booster meeting or at the next practice, whichever comes first.
  • ScripNow is available on your mobile device within an hour or less.   
    • You may print out the coupon or use the card number and pin on your mobile device. Some retailers require a printed version – it will state that before you purchase.1
  • Reload cards can be reused over and over.
    • If you carry a zero balance on a reloadable card for 60 days, the card is deactivated by the company and you must repurchase a new physical card.
  • You may also “gift” a card to someone else by entering the contact information at the time of purchase.

Our SCRIP COORDINATOR is Susan Doepping – contact her directly here with any questions.