Festivals of Music – April 21st, 2017


On behalf of the Phantom Band Boosters and the PAHS Music Department, we are excited to be hosting you and your group for the Philadelphia Festivals of Music event.



  1. Buses should travel enter the high school campus via our bus loop (in yellow on the map above).   Your director will be met by one of our representatives outside the gymnasium (red arrow).   Once registered, your group can depart the bus and walk to the auditorium.
    • We will have restrooms available for you to use, but there are NO changing facilities on campus.  Please plan to arrive in whatever attire you will be taking the stage with.
  2. Buses will be able to stay in the loop for the duration of your festival.   Any buses on campus after 1:15pm may be moved to an offsite location to accommodate our afternoon dismissals. If this is the case, we will give you and your driver specific instructions.
  3. It is strongly recommended that you store cases & all belongings not needed for the performance on your bus, as there are no facilities in the school.
  4. At registration, you will be able to turn in all necessary paperwork and conductor’s scores.
  5. Any adults travelling with your party may have to have a driver’s license scanned to create a temporary badge for admittance to the building.


We will have for your use on stage the following percussion equipment:

  • 4.5 Yamaha Marimba
  • 3.0 Adams Vibraphone
  • 2.5 Adams Xylophone
  • Malletech Orchestral Bells
  • Musser Chimes
  • Concert Bass Drum
  • 23,26,29,32 Adams Timpani (with gauges)
  • Baby Grand Piano
  • Electric Piano & Keyboard Amp
  • Congas
  • Full set of Choral Risers (4 steps with a safety railing in the back)
  • Full set of Acoustical Shells

Additional notes:

  • Any additional equipment is your responsibility.   No percussion implements will be provided.
  • If you need something beyond the list above, please contact me directly and we can probably assist (second marimba, xylophone etc).


We will have a few students on hand to assist in setting chairs/stands for your ensemble.   It is strongly suggested that you have a stage crew (either students or parent volunteers) to make sure your group is set the way that you want.

Every group should complete a seating chart and submit in advance.    You can print or send me the code that is generated by the link above.



Festivals of Music / Judy Houdeshel (610)-733-7085

Site Host / Justin McAdams (908) 963-3674