Playing Assignments – 2016-17


Upcoming Assignments:


A rising tide lifts all boats.   The only way the ENSEMBLE gets better is if YOU put in your part!   With the change in class schedule this year, how we do playing assignments is going to change.



  • All playing assignments (unless otherwise stated) are submitted via SmartMusic.
  • Every 2-3 weeks, you will be assigned a group of assignments that will help you develop as a musician.
    • In addition to sections of music from the concert repertoire, they will also focus on scale development, rhythmic patterns, and overall technical development.  
  • You will have plenty of notice to work on these before needing to submit them, so use your time effectively!
  • SmartMusic allows you unlimited tries before turning in a recording.  Use this to your advantage and put your best foot forward!

Each of the assignments has two sub-grades: the objective grade is the one you will see in the program based on correct pitches & rhythm.   The subjective grade is given when I listen to your recording, and is based on articulations, dynamics, intonation & musical expression.

Some of these exercises might be technically easy, but musically hard…and vice versa.   As a result, the lowest grade of all the playing assignments you submit will automatically be dropped at the end of the quarter.


  • All assignments must be turned in by the deadline posted for full credit.
  • You can turn assignments in after the deadline (and anytime before the marking period ends).  The highest grade you will receive on a late assignment is the objective grade.


  • Missing assignments will be entered into Skyward as a “0”.   Since you have the entire quarter to get assignments submitted, this should not even be an issue!


  • If you fall into this category, you will either be submitting assignments on your old instrument or submitting on the new one with modifications.   You and I will discuss this individually.
    • This will last until the end of the first semester, and then we will re-evaluate.


  • During a study hall
  • During a lunch period
  • At home
  • After school (on select days)


There are no scheduled “lessons” during the school day for the band this year.   Instead, we will be utilizing the PDT time at the end of the school day to do sectional work on concert music and other topics specific to your instrument.

  • These run from 2:15-2:45 on Days 1,3, and 4.
    • Our time is limited, so do not be late!
  • Your participation counts in your overall playing assignment grade.

PDT Lessons are a requirement.   

Reasons to NOT be there:

  • You are absent from school.
  • You are making up a test (I may need verification of this from the teacher you are with)
  • You are involved in a sport/field trip that takes you off school grounds.

If you aren’t there, you will need to make up the work.  This can be done by either sending me a recording of the material we worked on or finding another time during the day that we can work individually on what we did.

The schedule of PDT lessons is posted on the bulletin board in the hallway, here on the website, and on the Google Calendar.