April 21st – Volunteer Information


Thank you for your help for this event on Friday!    Please read below and let me know if you have any questions.


7:30am-2:30pm: Stage Crew Sarah Burns, Natalie Dowd, Paige Ritter
2:30pm-7:00pm: Stage Crew: Noah McCarthy, Amity Myers, Austin Converse, Dan Myers, Cheryl Khan

  • Reset stage between performances

8:00am-2:30pm: Group Guides: Amanda Myers, Mackenzie Myers
2:30pm-7:00pm Group Guides: Matt Tweedie, Mackenzie Myers

  • Meet groups at buses, bring to band room for warmup, then to stage for performance

9am-3:00pm Tabulation: Jeff Sutton
3:45pm-7:00pm Tabulation: Leigh Schoepflin (or when elementary day is finished)

  • Collect scores from judges, complete tabulation needs for Festivals of music

8am-2:30pm Bus Greeter: Amity Myers

  • Meet groups as they arrive, welcome to campus, collect all outstanding registration paperwork, Bring conductor scores to registration table

    PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE (All on MS Stage unless noted otherwise)
    Full Performance Schedule will be sent out on Friday.

  • 10:00am Wayne Elementary Choir
  • 11:30am Lunch for Wayne Elementary (behind auditorium, rain plan in chorus room)
  • 12:00pm Lunch for other Connetquot Groups (behind auditorium, rain plan in chorus room)
  • 12:30pm Connetquot Wind Ensemble
  • 1:45pm Connetquot Jazz Band 1Performance
  • 2:45pm Connetquot Kickline
  • 3:15pm Yorktown HS Chamber Orchestra
  • 3:45pm Connetquot Color Guard (in HS Gymnasium)
  • 4:15pm Connetquot Jazz Band 2
  • 5:15pm Yorktown HS String Orchestra


  • All groups will arrive at the MS via the bus loop and will be met by the bus greeter and group guides.
    • YORKTOWN HS will be dropping off their groups by the district administration office, not the bus loop.
  • Bus greeter will distribute any necessary information (provided by Festivals of Music the day of).   Any outstanding materials from each group will be brought inside to the registration table.
  • Groups can not change/bring cases into the school, so they will be hanging out bus loop for awhile.
    • The only restrooms that are available for groups are the ones directly outside the auditorium.
  • When ready, group guides will walk performing group around front of middle school to enter MS auditorium entrance.   Warmup takes place in the band room.
    • Groups CAN watch other performances. They can enter the main auditorium doors.
  • Once finished warmup, the group then moves to the stage to perform and participate in their clinic.
  • After performing, they will exit the building via the main doors to the auditorium.


  • Students: there’s a fair amount of downtime, especially during the day.    Bring work with you. We will have lunch and snacks.
  • Attire: Black pants or jeans and some type of purple/Phoenixville related shirt.
  • Refer to the master schedule.   Most of the help will be needed when we are resetting the stage for the next performing group.


  • Timpani
  • Orchestral Bells
  • Rest of equipment will come from MS Band


  • 1 table in Aud entrance for registration
  • 4 tables in Auditorium for judges & tabulation (as well as chairs and stand lights)


  • Choral risers on stage
  • Acoustical shells on stage
  • LGI wall closed


  • 3 large garbage cans outside auditorium back door