Concert Band Adjudication UPDATES


Concert Band Peeps:

Image result for snowpocalypse memeAs much as I’d like to ignore the forecast, it looks like something’s going to happen on Tuesday that requires snowpocalypse type planning.

The good news is that we spent yesterday talking to the other groups and adjudicators, and everyone seems to have a solid date – TUESDAY MARCH 21st.    

I’m telling you this now so that you can plan. We will make a final call on this late Sunday night/early Monday morning when the actual forecasts come out.

Please, please – do what you can to accommodate this schedule change.  Image result for lin manuel miranda my shot memeYou know it doesn’t happen often.  We’ve worked WAY too hard on this repertoire to throw away the shot! (+1 to Hamilton…)


In the meantime….come check out the mattress fundraiser today and don’t forget to do the SmartMusic!!! 🙂


(See, by typing IMPORTANT on the text message, I know you’re now reading this!)