PMP News for the Week of 10/17


All said and done, I believe that this weekend was an AMAZING success for us a group…and a good milestone for the organization!    We had a wonderful performance Saturday afternoon: easily the best one I’ve seen in the last 2.5 seasons, hands down!   You will see that tomorrow night when we watch the video and do our “debriefing”.

This week’s schedule:

Tuesday: Rehearsal 6pm-9pm.  Good luck to all of our MS band members as they have their concert Tuesday night!
Thursday: Rehearsal 6pm-9pm.
Friday: Home Football vs Upper Merion.

  • This is NOT senior night – that is next week.
  • We are performing PREGAME, 6:35pm.
  • Report Time: 4:45pm.

Saturday: Rehearsal & Halloween Parade

  • 11am-2:15pm Rehearsal.  Please eat lunch before arriving.
  • 2:15-3:15 Prep & Depart for Parade
  • 3:15pm Depart for Parade (via bus)
  • 4:00pm Parade Stepoff
  • 4:30pm Parade Finish – Buses take us back to PAHS, dismiss
    • NOTE: The Parade is NOT in uniform.  You are in costume – talk to your section leaders!

BOA marked the first milestone in the season…and now there’s just under a month left.
– 13 Rehearsals
– 3 Football games
– 3 Competitions

That’s all that left before the 2016 edition of the PMP is completed.

But, if you look at it a little bit differently:
You have 26 performances…26 chances to make it better!