PMP News for the week of 10/10 – BOA Regional Time!


We are here….less than a month away from the end of the season, and our most important show to date – the BOA Regional at the University of Delaware on Saturday!

This week’s schedule:

TICKETS for BOA: We still have an allotment of tickets that are available for purchase.   Contact me directly – they are $25, and good for both prelims and finals.

The event is also going to be broadcast on a live stream:   Share with your friends and family that can’t attend!

The Phantom Band Boosters are providing dinner for all students & chaperones going to the regional this weekend.  In order to get an accurate count of food needed, this form must be filled out before Monday Oct 10th (11:00pm).   Thank you for your cooperation!


  • We are raffling off a 55″ TV at all of the home football games this season – the same one we used in the show last year.   Tickets are $5.00 – and the drawing will occur at the final home game.    This is a $500 value….and you only have two more chances to enter!   
  • As it is starting to get colder out, we want to remind all students to start dressing proactively for the weather.   Layers are a good thing…and don’t forget water!   

While it doesn’t seem far away….we are only a month from the end of the season!      Including this week, that leaves us with 11 weeknight rehearsals, 5 pre-competition rehearsals, 4 football games, 1 parade, and 4 competitive performances before we are done.

Doesn’t seem like a lot?   Consider this: We’ve already had (since camp ended), we’ve had 17 weeknight rehearsals, 4 pre-competition rehearsals, 5 football games, and 2 competitive performances.