PMP Mid-Week Updates


This is our first string of rehearsals/shows where bad weather is going to be a factor.    Please read below for how we approach this:

  • Rehearsals:  
    • Students should be prepared to be outside AND inside.   This means a weather-proof jacket of some type, and usually a sweatshirt.     
    • Instruments need to be dried off entirely before putting back in cases. If we are outside and instruments are caught in the rain, Woodwind players should NOT close their cases tonight.
    • Don’t assume anything unless you hear it from me through the remind system.
  • Performances:
    • This is going to be a great time to try out the new raincoats that the Phantom Band Boosters bought for the band this past spring!!!! 🙂
    • We will ALWAYS be in uniform for a competition.   That uniform will include raincoats too.
    • Football games – it’s a “play be ear” situation.  Be prepared with jeans and sneakers, just in case.
    • Shows held on turf fields are usually rain or shine, unless there is lightning.

General Notes for the weekend:

1. Friday night is MS band night – we have close to 30 MS students joining us!    Report time is earlier than normal (see calendar) so that we can do a rehearsal/meet & greet with them.

2. Saturday’s competition is at West Chester East HS, and is a small show – there are only 7 or 8 bands attending.   We will be home MUCH earlier than two weeks ago!

3. If you’re taking the SAT’s Saturday morning, good luck!  We’ll see you around 2:00 or so on Saturday, just in time for ensemble rehearsal.

4. Full schedule of the weekend’s competition is here.