PMP News for the Week of 9/25


It’s our second competition of the season…and the show is all on the field!  This week’s goals will be to get everyone comfortable with the ending.  We also will have the color guard uniforms in this week too!

We can not forget that it is also our annual MS Band Night Friday night!   This is THE MOST IMPORTANT NIGHT OF THE YEAR.  We have a good number of students signed up to attend from the MS band.  If you know someone, spread the word and have them register now!   (MS Band Members in the marching band….you don’t have to register!)


Tuesday: Rehearsal 6pm-9pm
Thursday: Rehearsal 6pm-9pm
Friday: MS Band Night.
**Dinner is being provided for everyone!
Saturday: Competition
9:30am Percussion/Guard Report Time
10:30am Wind Report Time

SAT’s on 10/1:  This is one of the days that we asked everyone to sign up to take the SAT’s.  You should have already gotten that information to the drum majors.    We anticipate your arrival at school after the SAT’s around 2:00pm-ish, depending.    

JACKETS, SHOW SHIRTS, SWAG:  We still do have show shirts available!  $15 for short sleeve, $17 for long sleeve.  Some sizes are running out, so act quickly.

We also will be putting in an additional order in for member jackets, sweatshirts, pants, etc.   I will send out a notice once the online store is back up and running.  This will be a very quick turnaround: it will also be the last time that we do this for the season!