PMP News for the Week – 9/19



What a great start to the competitive season!   Those of you that were in the audience can attest to the fact that there were some very strong performances in our class Saturday night, and we are very fortunate to be a part of that conversation!    We pushed through some long travel and an later than expected return time to put a great exclamation point on the weekend.

Miles to go, however, before the journey is over.    This week, is much lighter as we aim to finish the skeleton of the show, and we have this run-out performance Saturday morning.

This week’s schedule:

  • Tuesday: Rehearsal 6pm-9pm
  • Thursday: Rehearsal 6pm-9pm
  • Friday: Away Game @ Upper Perkiomen HS
  • Saturday: Freedoms Foundation Performance & Rehearsal: time to finish the show!

SHOW SHIRTS: Yes, we do have extras available for sale!  $15 for short sleeve, $17 for long sleeve.   These are first come first serve: payment required to get the shirts.   Checks are payable to “Phantom Band Boosters”.   

APPAREL/SWAG:  If you ordered sweatshirts, member jackets, etc…they are scheduled to be delivered this week.  Everything is paid for already, so you’ll get it when it comes in!


Next week is our annual MIDDLE SCHOOL BAND NIGHT at the home football game and our second competition of the season on Saturday at West Chester East HS.   This is a shorter show (only 6 bands), so we should be back home relatively early.

This was a date that we designated for you to take the SAT’s and we will adapt the schedule to it.  Please let one of the drum majors know if you are taking the SAT’s that day and WHERE you are taking them.    We will see you at rehearsal when your SAT’s are over!