PMP News for the Week – Aug 15 2016



Each week, we’ll send out an update on the schedule for the week (usually on Sunday or Monday).   As we get closer to the end of the week, there will be another one with any details on performances.

Image result for check markIf you have NOT imported the band calendar into your smartphone or device, this is a great time to do so.

Coming up this week: MINI CAMP #4.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights – 5pm-9pm.   (Wait, 5pm?)

5pm – your section leaders will be getting in touch with you about what’s happening between 5 and 6 each night.   Ensemble rehearsal will run from 6pm-9pm.   

Communication: Remember, all absences for the season should already have been submitted.  If an emergency arises…you’re sick and physically can’t get to rehearsal, your cousins flew in from the other side of the country, etc….you need to CONTACT ME FIRST!   Please tell your section leaders and drum majors, but some message has to get to me directly.  Email, Remind.Me, whatever it takes.

CAR WASH #3:   The final car wash of the summer will be held this Saturday (Aug 20) from 10am-2pm.   Same location as last time – Barto Pool & Spa.  Matt & Sarah will be coordinating signups.

COMMUNITY PERFORMANCE:   We have been invited to perform at the district’s community BBQ on the evening of the first day of school: Monday August 29th, 2016.   This is a quick performance, and we’ll end up playing a few stand tunes as part of the event.   I unfortunately do not know the exact time of it yet, but you’ll only be needed to be at school for 30 minutes, top.  This performance is for wind and drum line members only.   

NEXT WEEK: Our first PERFORMANCE!!!!   We will be rehearsing prior to the football game next Friday.   Details will be in the calendar within a few days.