PMP News – Camp & Required Order Payments



This is to update you on status of orders & payments for the following items needed for participation in the marching band:


  • Gloves/Wristbands (all members will be sized for these) – $10 (REQUIRED)
  • Lunch at Camp Next Week – $25.00 (NOT REQUIRED)
  • Uniform T-Shirts – $25.00 for 2 (REQUIRED FOR NEW MEMBERS)
  • Marching Shoes – $40.00 (REQUIRED FOR NEW MEMBERS)

Payment can be done in various ways:

  • Check – Payable to “Phantom Band Boosters”.  Have your son/daughter drop it off in the bin right outside the band office.
  • Paypal – Checkout here.  You will have to select the items you need in the cart.
  • Student Accounts

Below is a listing of who has submitted information to date (August 3rd).  If you have any questions or need to change something, please let me know.  EVERYONE needs to fill this out, regardless of if you need shoes, additional shirts, or if you’re bringing lunch next week.

A few additional notes:

  • The dry cleanings are going to be taken care of by the Phantom Band Boosters this upcoming year.  The form still asks you to fill out that option, but it does not affect what you have to submit.
  • If you need shoes, the amount of $40.00 is automatically included in this total.   If you were interested in a used pair of shoes, we will try to fit you with those during camp.  If none fit, then you’ll need to purchase the new pair).
  • We are asking that all payments are submitted as soon as possible, but no later than August 12th, 2016.