PMP News for July 12th – Mini Camp #2 this week!


Our second mini-camp of the summer is this week!  Don’t forget your instrument, sneakers, water, binders, pencils,
etc.  If you’re unsure of what to bring, please get in touch with your section leader!

Supply order forms: To date, we have received info from the following students:

Austin Converse, Greta Zeiner, Genevieve Neuwirth, Maggie Shillinger,Yekaterina Matveyeva,Sophia Reo,Frankie Reo,Mary Adams,Tyler Jenkins-Wong,Jamie Lavigne,Emma khan ,Alex Desjardins,Lea Fine,Mackenzie Myers,Madeline Myers,Erika Lynn Cruz,Aldyn Holt,Lexi Holt,Myranda Ruddy,Nick Sutton,Kayleigh Horton,

Please fill out this form so that we know what we need to plan for in regards to shoes, band camp lunches, etc.   The PayPal link is now open and ready for business!

DCI Group Tickets:  Join us on August 5th for a one of a kind event!  



Reminder: Tomorrow (July 12) is the final date to submit any planned absences for the season!