5 Years Have Flown By


This is what I have spent the last 17 summers doing. When my dear friend Mr. Parks passed away, I and a few other educators took on his “legacy”. Today is the five year anniversary of his passing – I wanted to share this article with you. It is written by MY college band director, Professor Heidi I. Sarver – someone who you will be meeting this spring!


George N. ParksAs I scan through years and years of posts to this blog I see that I (and now Jen Ables) have kept our posts to business: leadership, drum majoring, band, etc. I noticed that at no point was the passing of George N. Parks noted in this blog beyond the announcement that his legacy would continue [and continue, it has….with a vengeance!], and the creation of a memorial page.   It is past time to rectify that.

Within my personal blog  and my personal Facebook page I have numerous posts, notes, clippings, photos, etc., of the man who started the Drum Major Academy®. Should you wish to read more feel free to rummage though those sites. 

George wanted one thing for all his students, whether they were in his band, DMA vets, members of honor bands, or whatever manner in which he crossed paths with you: he wanted you to LIVE…

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